Residential buildings

Our firm provides services of regular cleaning of common areas of residential houses, including sidewalks and removal of snow in winter.

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Basic set of regular cleaning service:


  • sweeping and washing of stairs and landings
  • washing of railings
  • and indoor windowsills
  • washing of tiles in corridors and stairways
  • sweeping around dust bins
  • cleaning and washing of lift interior, including the mirror
  • cleaning of thresholds (grooves) of all landing doors
  • sweeping of sidewalk belonging to the property, the area around dustbins and all access paths

Monthly cleaning

  • sweeping of courtyard
  • removal of any cobwebs
  • wiping of post boxes, switches and mains lids


  • cleaning of stairway railing
  • washing of windows, frames and sills at stairways
  • washing of entrance doors, including glass panes
  • washing of lights in corridors
  • washing of lacquer wall paints
  • cleaning of basements

All above services are included in the price of regular cleaning.

About company


AK service is a family company with tradition since 1997. Our priorities are professionality and pro-customer approach.



  • High quality team – Our employees likee what they do, they are experienced and well prepared for the job. We demand clean reccord.
  • Pro-customer approach – every our offer is personalized.
  • Professionality – we do not underetimate potential glitches.
  • Tradition – in business since 1997 and still growing.
  • Modernity - We use only modern equipment and safe cleaning products.



ČSN EN ISO 14001

ČSN EN ISO 18001

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